No limits for Fate & Persona?

After I read the Earning rewards twice, I can´t figure out if there maximum limit to acumulate Fate & Persona points…

In each session, a player can acquire 3 Fate and 4 persona as reward for good roleplay, playing Instinct, Goals and Beliefs. So, after some sessions, a player can accumulate many of this precious points without limits? Is that right or I miss something?

Sorry to post this thread if this question was answered before.

Thanks in advance,

Alessandro Franzen

As far as I know, there are no limits. However, circumstances in game will usually dictate that players spend Fate and Persona. That doesn’t have to be the case, though, so yeah… they could stockpile.

No limits. Its a reward system. it’s made to earn and spend, earn and spend.

Make things hard enough for your players to NEED to spend Rewards. Put them in situations where they will squirm and wince at the thought of failure so they push hard for every success.

The Rewards will fly.