Non-martial 'weapons'

I’m actually kinda interested in taking the ‘kind’ of bonuses seen in martial weapons (useful, etc) and applying them to other conflicts. For example, a ballista might have the great axes sort of bonuses in War. A contract might have a swords useful abiltity, etc. I know there’s some ideas in the book (I dont’ have it in front of me but I remember them not being as evocative as the maritial weapons). Eventually I’d like to have these listed out. Has anyone else tried this?

The non-martial portion of conflicts is probably too situational and subjective for there to be an “official” list of weapons. I think there’s a good enough guideline in the book for the GM and the players to work on and apply to their specific setting.

True, but I do like the idea of weapon equivalents. Scott made a good point of that with the ballista example. Unfortunately, it was too good an example and I’m focused on that now and can’t think of others without simply substituting that siege engine with another similar one and making the same analogy.

MG pages 120-122.

I agree it would be nice to see some special qualities for them though.

I’m all for this. There’s a hacks thread from last fall, I think, that talks about just this thing!