Obfuscate vs. Obfuscate

Some question about what it means for Obfuscate to cause the opponent to “lose their current action”.

  1. If Alfred and Bert both script Obfuscate, but Alfred wins the versus test, Bert loses his action and is +1 Ob to his next action. Does Alfred gain +1D to his next action as well, as a result of Bert’s failed Obfuscate? (I think so.)

  2. As far as I can tell, the only thing that ‘losing your current action’ (over and above the normal effect of failing a versus test and not generating MoS) means is that Rebuttal’s offensive dice are not rolled. Is that right?

  1. Yeah, makes sense.

  2. Sure, although see the other recent thread about Dismiss vs. Obfuscate.