Obscure Enchanting effects

I’m looking at making some magic items “for players” in my campaign. Some of the effects I thought of don’t seem possible via the Enchanting rules. What do you think about them?

  1. Ring of Armor Protection +1/2/3. This steel ring protects your armor from damage. When you gather armor dice to roll, make sure 1/2/3 are of a special color. 1s rolled on those dice do not degrade your armor while any unprotected armor dice still remain. It takes 1 Action in Fight! to activate this ring. Its activation lasts until a protected armor die is lost or until the end of the scene.

  2. Amulet of Superior Armor. This dwarven-crafted steel amulet protects your armor from damage. Treat any armor you are wearing as superior quality. If you lose all armor dice from your torso, the amulet loses its potency until heated in a dwarven forge and cooled in a barrel of fresh spring water.

Most strange items can work via Trait Transference plus Trait Burning. Items that don’t affect you directly, but affect things you use, feel different. Which I assume is why there are special sections in Enchanting for how to change a weapon’s properties or armor’s properties.

In a campaign I’m in, we just enchanted some shackles to Mend themselves when they take damage/are broken. Seems like that’s almost exactly what you seek. Both the ring and the amulet could target the armor and cast Mend on it whenever it takes damage.

  1. Cool effect I never considered (I guess because it’s a bit fiddly).

  2. Very nice, very powerful item!

That’s the least of your problems! What if the amulet loses its magic as soon as the first die is lost? (This probably makes sense only in a campaign where reaching a dwarven forge is easier than buying superior armor.)