One player Conflict

Hi All - I have a quick question regarding Conflicts: RAW, characters cannot act twice on a row (pag 69, Turn Taking) What would happend if the rest of the party is knock off, or if the character iniate a conflict by himself per a party split or something? Can the character take all the actions on the exchange? Or He would need to skip a volley?


Hi Henry,

Take a look at Actions for the Fallen​ on page 70.

Thanks, Thor! That really brings some clarity. So… a character cannot initite a conflict alone, correct? Conflicts should be more a Team vs Team situation, right?

I wouldn’t prohibit it, but a character trapped on his or her own, separated from companions, is in a bad way. You really, really, really want to have companions to back you up. But if, say, you’re trapped in the dark, riddling for your life with no companions to help, it’s OK to take actions back to back.

Thor is correct. I speak from experience.