One RSS feed for all Mouse Guard forums

Hi all,

I am currently getting acquainted with the Mouse Guard RPG. I would like to have one RSS feed for all the Mouse Guard forums. I have found this one:

However, it seems to be entirely empty! I am aware that I can use the individual RSS feeds for each forum, but that is not what I want. What am I doing wrong? Can a fellow mouse please help me?

Sincerely yours,

For some reason vB wants the & to be HTML encoded:

It seems to me like that feed presents all threads in the entire burningwheel forum, or am I wrong?


Ah, you are right. I think you’ll need to subscribe to each forum individually, then, or use some sort of feed aggregator that lets you see them in a group, like the “folders” in Google Reader.

Ok, thank you!


Also, you can try Yahoo Pipes. They have a nice visual lay out for designing the flow of your code and it’ll make figuring out how to aggregate all the feeds together.