Optimizing Condition Recovery

I’ve had some questions pop up as players are strategizing re: condition recovery, and I’m having a hard time giving them a straight answer on a couple points. I think it may be up to interpretation in the end, but here are some of my uncertainties:

  1. Poultices — Is it cool to raise the Healer obstacle so that someone can make more poultices of the same type in one test? Ie: one poultice for help with exhausted is ob1, two is ob2, etc…? It’s not explicit in the factors chapter, but I’ve said it’s fine as the obstacle gets very high if the Healer wants to make poultices for everyone in the group in one go.

  2. The Secret Nature/Merriment passage on page 119 — Can the Halfling really make one test to recover everyone from Hungry/Thirsty, Angry, or Afraid with some good-old-fashioned Merriment? By extension, can someone make a single Healer test to recover everyone suffering from Injured or Sick just by adding a group factor as well?

  1. I’d leave the obstacles as is for now. We’ll investigate economies of scale soon, but I suspect that our obstacles will be less kind.

  2. Halflings are bad ass. So they can use merriment to treat the anger of the whole group. Just like an elf can sing to dispel fear. But healers aren’t magic or special. They’re old-fashioned and must treat one person at a time.