Owner Aboard LP and Trait


does the Owner Aboard LP have any requirements, other than starting Resources and a Ship? Does a O-A not need “Ship’s Captian” or the Owner-Aboard Trait?

It represents an owner who is aboard the ship, as opposed to back in port. That owner could be a rich yacht guy, or a trader who’s there to make business rather than sailing decisions, or who knows what. A ship’s captain who buys Owner-Aboard, on the other hand, is a different critter. Think Han Solo on the Falcon versus Princess Leia on the Tantive IV: He’s a captain with Owner-Aboard, she’s an Owner-Aboard (assuming she spent enough time travelling around on the ship for the sake of travelling on the ship to count that as an LP, which she probably doesn’t, so really she’s like a Diplomat or something, but you know what I mean).

That’s my reading of the LPs, anyhow. Dunno what the official verdict is.

Owner-Aboard is a special trait for ship captains.

The Owner-Aboard LP is designed to signify the owner of the ship taking her out for a little tour and giving the crew a really hard time in the meanwhile.

I know it’s a little hinky, but when i was reading all my naval and sf research, it seemed right to make the distinction.