Pack Mules

Does anybody here already thought something up for Pack Mules?

Would make some sense to carry all the extra water, food and afterwards the loot.

Your players can afford pack mules? Adorable!

I made them an offer, they could not decline :wink:

Let’s see…

They can be fitted with two large sacks (which must be purchased separately).
They have Nature 3 Might 2 Hauling, Complaining, Grazing. They can be inveighed with the Peasant skill to help with appropriate Laborer tests and can make Laborer tests (via Hauling Nature) if overloaded.
And they get Hungry/Thirsty every four turns just like everybody else.

However, I don’t want to track conditions for a mule. So what should happen if they aren’t fed/watered? Do they refuse to work? Or have to test for any load, not just being overloaded?


Sounds very nice, thanks a lot Luke. I winged it by letting the mule carry two backpack sized packs, but maybe that was a bit too much then …

Hmm maybe a single condition card for mules would be not too much tracking. Like “well fed” on one side and “stubborn & hungry” on the other side to turn around when not fed? Every time it does not get fed you could place a marker on top of it, giving it an additional factor in the peasant test to direct it?

If you ask me, you should let the PCs load that mule right up with as much gear as can be justified.
That way, it’s all the sweeter when the mule gets spooked by something, rips its lead off from where it’s tied, and dashes away into the dark and ghoul-filled night with all the food and water. :evil:

I admit, I had something like this in my devilish GM mind … :wink:

they aren’t thinking of bringing those mules into cavernous adventure? What mule would be willing to scuttle down into the dark?