PAX East?

not sure if this is the right place to ask but is Torchbearer going to be played and/or sold at PAX east in April?

Yes! We’ll be at PAX and we’ll have the Player’s Decks!

Any idea of when we’ll be able to buy them from the site?

After we fulfill Void.

True to form. International shipping sucks and everything arrived on the same day. So the cards will have to wait.

I signed up to run games for Games on Demand at PAX East this year, and will have Torchbearer and Mouse Guard prepped and ready to run. If I can’t buy card decks online before then, I’ll definitely be snagging some from the Burning Booth.

Hopefully I’ll see you there, tpryan01.

luke: I’m excited to hear that the Void books are in as well. It’s like Second Christmas!