PBEM patrols now forming!

Sounds great, Ayleth (the tenderpaw) will be under Siemon’s Tutilage. Now to work on getting the character sheets to the doc.

Thanks! As for Barkstone vs. Lockhaven, the question is where was the character born. It would be easy enough to change the home, (dropping Carpenter for Armorer, and taking Guard’s Honor in place of Steady Paw, but Steady Paw fits the character so well from a concept stand-point that I’d really rather not. Besides, in a typical medieval setting, 10 years-old is practically an adult. You’re well into your apprenticeship by that point, and being entrusted with real responsibility, so his formative years would have been solidly in Barkstone.

Given Siemon’s skill-set and personality, Ayleth’s answer to “What did your mentor stress in training?” will probably be selected from:
Hunter, Pathfinder, Scout, & Survivalist

If I were going to pick them, it would be Hunter and Scout, but I can certainly see any combination (or focus) of those choices making sense depending on the personality and desire of the Tenderpaw.

Red Patrol update: I have the mission intro written and ready to go. All I need is for Bad* to upload his mouse and for MrsMarmot to tell me WHY her enemy hates her. Then we’re all set. Nice work on the characters. I’m really looking forward to mission.

For all others, I am also forming a Green Patrol so more players are always welcome.

Yeah, sorry about not getting the RP information for Ayleth in, her player had like a bajillion tests in class today, it seemed. She’s really excited to get things going, so I’d imagine it won’t be any later than tonight before things get rolling from her.

This seems like it is well thought out and organized. Good luck to the new patrols!! Keep your whiskers up and your ears forward!!!

Just joined to reply to this thread. email or msg me if you have room for two in a patrol so i can see if the schedule works out- my gf and i are interested, we’ve played a few games. PS to everyone else, have been lurking for a while, nice forums!