PC traps

What’s the correct way to handle PC made traps?

For example, the players see some nasty orcs in the next room. They decide to make some traps, then lure the orcs into the room where the players currently are, hoping that the traps will at least distract the orcs enough to get the jump on them, or maybe take one or two of them out.

There is a reference in the Good Idea section of the book where a player is allowed to make a “bucket on the door” trap for free as a good idea. In this case, how would you mechanically play out the trap? Would you roll for the orc to see the trap when it hits the trigger? then play out the trap as any other trap?

Or, are pc-made traps treated differently?

Also, I believe the Dungeoneering skill can be used to make traps underground, so this indicates that not all PC-made traps should be treated as good ideas.



I’ve used a Trick conflict to lure creatures into a trap.

Dungeoneer vs. Nature can work

Both good options. What about if the PCs are above ground, so Dungeoneering is out of play?

I guess I’m just not clear on when the “Good Idea” should be granted as opposed to making a test to set up a trap. I like the idea of using the PCs MoS of the test as the Ob for the Monster’s Nature test to notice/avoid the trap.

Maybe if it is a really simple trap, like a bucket above a door, it should be a “good idea” but if it is more complicated it can be a test. Or maybe I should just go with my gut, which is what I did :slight_smile:

Hunter can be used above ground.

Using a Trick conflict is a good idea, but definitely situational. Unless it was really clever, I would have them roll their skill to arm the trap. Monsters that have a Nature that would allow them be aware of such threats could roll Nature vs. that same Ob or skill factors as usual.