PDF Question

Everyone seems to be commenitng on the rules… Did I miss the PDF download session? Was there an email or something?


Ahhh I did miss something and there WAS an email…

I seemed to have missed it as well. I’ve been trying to sort things out with Luke but there seems to be a dark void of nothingness coming from BWHQ regarding my order. I’m sort of stuck in a twilight area now. I’ve paid for and get hold of my preorder and the PDF is available for purchase by itself, but I’m damned if I’m going to pay for something twice. Anyone else missing the point of a ‘preorder’ system which won’t release a paid for product even AFTER the general release, let alone BEFORE that time.

Rant off…Ah! that feels better to have gotten that of my chest…sorry

It’s equally frustrating on my end, since I sent you all the info for downloading the PDF on the night of the 23rd. There seems to have been a few hiccups in the system, spam filters and whatnot.

Please contact me privately do deal with this.


Um, yep that’s what I’d been trying to do Luke. However the email response I’d recieved involved ‘check your account’ and then nothing. Sorry for coming to the forum but my frustration level was peaking at dangerous levels.

I’d explained that my e-mail had been down over the period you mentioned and that my order seemed to be showing as ‘processing’ despite multiple invoices showing the payment was received. All I wanted really was someone to say, yep you’ve kept up your end of the bargain by providing BWHQ with the preorder dosh, now he’s your product.

I would like to say that the issue has been resolved (thanks Luke) and I am eagerly awaiting my download link.


Hey I had problems getting the PDF download too. I just want to say that Luke worked through it and got me the PDF download corrected. Just be a little patient. I vouch for Luke’s customer service.

Yeah… keep at it. You acutally have to make a NEW order using the discount coupon Luke should send you. The discount lets you “buy” the PDF (for free)… it is silly, but it soulds like a computer limitation.

Your orginial order should still say processing! that is okay.

Many thanks to all for your assistance. First of all I would like to apologise for the breach in forum etiquette by airing my grievences for all to see. Secondly, I have been slow in replying to my initial postings (again, sorry, this time for the highjack of the initial thread) as I’ve been devouring the fantastic BE. Kudos to you Abzu. I’ve been spreading my copies of Faith Conquers and Sheva’s War to all my gaming mates in a subtle attempt to get them to give BE a go. I shall let you know how it goes.