Pedagogy in the Circle of 10,000

I was wondering how the Circle of 10,000 trains its Novitiates.

“Sheva’s War” seems to imply that existing Circle-of-10,000-members are involved in training Novitiates; but I was wondering if this was like an apprenticeship or knight-squire relationship - or if it was a case of having tutors in an academy sort of situation.

I’m willing to say “Both!” but I was curious to know if anyone had formed ideas about it already (especially if they, oh say, happened to have written and illustrated the novels).

Personally I can imagine an academy sort of thing, given the technocratic “knowledge-economy” flavour I get from the Karsan League - but I can also imagine an apprenticeship approach given the Iron Empire’s relative decentralisation.

Hi John,

When I was writing Sheva’s War, my thought was master-apprentice, with the possibility of small schools such as grow up around great martial arts masters. The Karsan League has a feudal japanese flavor, so harkening back to that inspiration is always the way to go.

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This is in line with how Luke and I imagined them when working on the lifepaths. The Circle of 10,000 are the elite warrior nobility of the Karsan League. The most skilled and respected members of the Circle would become Sensei to a novitiate or groups of novitiates.

Thanks guys, much appreciated! I might need to make some sort of “advanced” LP for these sensei types though, probably involving some experience outside of the Psych setting - unlike those Ivory Tower Foundation dorks!

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