Physical Torchbearer book arrived...

…and it is a thing of beauty. Thanks Thor & Luke for all your efforts!

Glad it arrived safely!

Got mine! It’s so pretty, I’ve had to resist the urge to sleep with it.

Really? I draped naked super-models over mine an took photos (As a nod to the Silver Princess TSR module with original cover). The super-models are annoyed because when I showed people the photo they only noticed the Torchbearer book. If I ask people to concentrate really hard they see the super-models and ask how I achieved such an awesome optical illusion…

Supermodels are models born under a red sun.

Mine arrived today. Luke’s inscription was, “It can’t get worse… can it?”

As someone who lives in Los Angeles, I answer with confidence, “Yes, Luke. It can.”

Got mine! It’s full of stars!

The GM from Flatland has received his copy. It’s astonishing how much the feel of it reminds me of the old AD&D books I have! Great job, Thor & Luke!


Got mine as well. Thanks guys. Such an awesome book.

AND! Cat vomit wipes right off the cover with no mess or stain. Now that’s what I appreciate in a hard cover.

Mine says “The benefit of not having an enemy… is not having an enemy.”

Somehow, obscurely, this feels like a threat.

HONH HONH HONH but you do not have that benefit do you Gary!

Beautiful book, textwise as well as physically - though, based on BWG, I am not surprised that the printer delivered such a quality product. For 3g5s!? You guys at BWHQ are INSANE.