Pirate Mouse!

A mouse pirate sounded pretty cool so I mashed together Boatmouse and Bandit.

Pirate mouse:
Nature: 3
Will: 3
Health: 4

Resources: 2
Circles: 2

Skills: Boatcrafter: 5, Fighter: 4, Boatmouse-wise: 3, Hidden Bay-wise: 3
Traits: Driven: 1

I’m not sure of the rym or reason for the numbers in the NPC section, so I just guessed. Let me know if it should be changed!


It should probably be just a tweaked version of the Bandit. Boatcrafter 5 is definitely not a good fit, in my opinion.

Indeed! Pirates don’t make boats, they steal them from others!

Pirate mice do know how to sail, thought. Boatcrafter is for all things boatie, not just making.

Boatcraft in the sense of Warcraft then; I retract my seconding of the objection!

Hmm, why not just call it “Messing Around In Boats”? :slight_smile:

Yeah, it took me a couple readings of the skills section to figure out that Boatcrafting was what I wanted. I think he is tougher then the other NPCs, but he’s a pirate!