Play testing this thing with my bro

After being kicked out of his father’s home, Dwalyn trudges his way to the human settlement of Avalon. Avalon is a small garrison outpost on the hinterlands of the barony. Dwalyn is certain he can find work there to keep himself from starving.

The weather is mild for the trek and the trip to Avalon is uneventful.   Upon arriving in Avalon Dwalyn is beset with how busy, noisy and truly annoying humans are.  They rush around doing nothing of value whilst getting in each others way.  Dwalyn although not impressed makes his way to the Ugly Miner Inn.  His mentor, Brandor the Dungeoneer, told him it was a good place for a young dwarf to go and look up work.  

Dwalyn made his way to a table, ordered up a thick dark stout and surveyed the crowd.  There were a group of halflings, engaged in a eating contest, while 2 elves being all snotty like hung back in a corner trying not to be noticed.   A human male burst into the common room asking anyone he found to help him find his daughter.  This peaked Dwalyn’s interest.  He approached the man and asked how he could help.  

The man, named Harold, who is an important person (tm) in Avalon, arose this morning to discover his daughter, Dahlia, was kidnapped by bandits.   The bandits left a note, stating the girl was to be harmed if Harold didn’t come up with and give them several bars of gold.  Of course, Harold had the money, but it was currently tied up in offshore markets.  Harold begged various people for help, who all laughed at him, told him to go to the Ugly Miner as some fool their might help him.  Dwalyn tiring quickly of this midden heap of a town agreed to help after listening to Harold’s woeful tale of Dahli being imprisoned by impudent bandits.  Dwalyn agreed to assist Harold for the tidy sum of 50 gold.   Dwalyn prepared for his journey, not bothering to look for help since he didn’t have any money or items to offer would be hirelings.  The mines, where Dahlia was being held hostage,  were reported to be the hiding place of this group of bandits, comically referred to as the Left Leg gang, because the leader, Cornelius, reportedly only had one leg, his right leg.

Seeing no reason to stay in the stinky expanse of Avalon Dwalyn set off to find Dahlia and eventually collect his 50 gold reward.

The session actually started off with me in front of the cave entrance.

At the entrance Dwalyn notices a lone bandit, who appears to be very bored.  Dwalyn decides to follow his belief and use his axe to solve this problem.   He charges in and takes a swipe at the bandit.  My brother rules it will be an Ob 2 fighter test, with no versus, as I catch the guard unaware.  [u]My intent is to split the guards skull open and kill him.  Darrel, that’s my brother, tells me if I fail, I will be taken captive.  Since Darrel and I don’t live in the same town we are using Skype to chat and Roll20 to roll dice and check out the map.  I highly recommend Roll20 if you are playing over the net.   Since I don’t mind the consequence of being taken hostage I subtract 1d from my fighter roll to gain myself a check.  I roll my 3 fighter die, I have 2 successes, thus a win and Darrel tells me to narrate what occurred.  [/u]

Dwalyn charges the guard, who at the last moment realized there was someone there.  Unable to defend himself properly the bandit takes a sharp axe chop to the skull.  The hollow thunk of an axe splitting a skull is heard and the guard drops where he stands.   Dwalyn rifles thru the body finding some gold (1d) and a dagger, which Dwalyn opts not to pick up.  Dwalyn walks to the opening of the cave and took a listen.  [u]We  considered this a Dungeoneering skill check.  My skill is 4 and the intent was to hear what was in the cave.   The downside if I failed was I would get hungry and thirsty.  I decided it was worth the loss of die, so I took a -1d to earn a check.  I passed this test, heard some movement, but nothing major or indicative of what was going on.  [/u]
Dwalyn listened into the darkness of the cave.  He heard some movement and shuffling of boots.  Dwalyn carefully walked into the cave mouth. He walked down a short hall where he encountered a room.  Dwalyn listened intently before entering the room.   [u]This was decided to be another dungeoneer test.  My dungeoneer skill is 4 and my intent was to hear what was going on in the room I just found.   The Ob was determined to be a 2, and if I failed I would hear what was going on, but since I listen so intently I made myself thirst and hungry.  Once again I didn’t mind the consequences so I took a -1d to my skill and gain another  check.   This roll I failed, so I ended up with the condition thirsty and hungry.[/u]   Dwalyn failed to realize he was straining so hard to hear what was in the room, that he ended up thirsty and hungry.   He head some movement further inside the cave, but couldn’t really determine what was going on.  Instead of eating and drinking something he decided to push on.   [u]This ended our first play session.  I ended up with a couple of tests, 3 checks to play with and an excitement to play the following week.   The play was fun, most of it we muddled thru and used Mouseguard rules where we thought they worked.  We normally play on Monday mornings, so about once a week for about 2 hours works well.  This session was short because I forgot we played at 9 instead of 930.  Fun was had by all.[/u]

Can’t figure out how to add a map. Darrel used a map from, dangit can’t find it right now will post about it later.

Enjoy all