Player Recap phase

Quick question, as I think the rulebook is a bit fuzzy on this subject: At the beginning of a game, a player gets to do a “previously on Mouse Guard” summary and earn a free recovery (among other things).

Is this something that can be done at the beginning of every GM turn (regardless of how many GM/Player cycles you’re doing at that session), or only once at every session?

For example:

At the start of the second meeting, a player recaps what happened during the first meeting and earn a recovery. I assume this is correct?

During that second meeting, they go through a first GM’s turn and a Player’s turn. They have enough time to run a second set. So at the start of this second set, can a player recap what happened during the first set and earn a recovery?

I assume it’s per session because no one really needs a recap of what happened an hour or two ago. However, having a player recount what happened a week ago is useful and, thus, rewarded.

I’m with Patrick on this.

I protest. I don’t think the book is fuzzy about this at all. I think page 56 is quite clear.

To be honest, I think there can be a point to have it at the beginning of each GM turn - especially if you want each GMT - PT cycle to emulate an issue of the comic.

I read through the collected book of all of Fall 1152, and one of the things that struck me was how the summary at the beginning of each was no real summary. Instead, it would set the scene for where we were right now, which was often quite different from where we left off.

In the same way, by having a recap at the beginning of each GM turn, you can give the players a bit of directorial power, allowing them to frame the next set of turns by their account.

I think what we need to consider here is the fact that each GM’s turn doesn’t necessarily mean one issue of the comic, but each session does so.

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