Player Turn

So I want to know a little more about the player turn. Like can someone say “Practice Fighting on Dummies.” Am I supposed to record what kinda stuff is in each town. If someone wants to weave a blanket for next mission, do I have to have them buy the resources first. I’m not very good with this player turn stuff.

with regards to player turn activities, I try most to ask what is the essential thing to their scene. If they want to weave a blanket, I’d get them there without worrying too much about resources. If they want to make a new friend, I wouldn’t spend too much time on the Circles test; I’d probably ask them to use a skill for developing a common interest (e.g. My Tenderpaw, Victor, is beginning to build a friendship with a boatcrafter, which is a skill he gained from his parents’ trade, so I focus on sharing boatcrafting tests rather than Circles tests to deepen that relationship.)

So, I try to deepen engagement by focusing on the outcome they want to accomplish instead of the steps needed to get there. It won’t hurt the game to skip a few steps now and then.

Good advice. I’ll get that in mind.

If someone wanted to weave a blanket, my first question would be from what and how do you get it? I’m probably calling for a Circles or Resources roll depending upon their answer, unless they have a real good reason not to.

Yeah maybe, but I would no doubt make it a simple check.

Well, raw materials like wool are listed as Ob1 in the Resources Factors section.