Playing BWG Online - The Essential Tools?


We’re going to start up a BWG campaign online. A few years ago we ran a small campaign offline and quite the analog way, but circumstances have us now doing it online.
I wonder what you are using and find most essential for playing?

We’re looking at roll20 for coms and dices.
Scripting is probably where it gets a bit tough?
And finally what do you do with char sheets? (use the online burner?)

Any advice would be helpful or a general list of the tools you use

Sincere apologies if this isn’t the right forum to post it in, but it really didn’t seem to fit in any where else :stuck_out_tongue:

When we played our BWG campaign online, we used Skype and a Skype die-rolling plugin Then Microsoft screwed up plugins, so we switched to for later games.

For character sheets, we’ve used Google Docs. Actually, I’ve just made a new character sheet template for the new game I’ve just started, which maybe I can share. It doesn’t cover Sorcery or emotional attributes 'coz my character doesn’t have those things and it’s just me and the GM, but you might find it useful anyway? Or at least, I’m sure someone might. I’ll clean it up a bit and post a new topic at some point in the near future.

Scripting is kind of tough, yeah. I think in the past I had a really simple Google Docs spreadsheet that I shared copies of to the appropriate players, but it wasn’t very useful over, say, just having scratch paper next to your computer. If anyone else has a clever approach, I’d love to hear about it too!

EDIT: I shared the character sheet. Here’s the thread.

We just use Google Hangouts video calls, which has a dice roller app. There’s also a Hangouts toolbox app, which allows you to set volumes for other players, and puts a banner with your name and G+ icon below your image on the screen.

We record some of our sessions with Hangouts on Air, which then get posted to G+ and YouTube.

I’m pretty sure its the same setup Shaun Hayworth uses.

For character sheets, I go old school, with the official paper sheets on the Burning Store.

The Gold Hub+Spokes pdf is excellent, for the advancement table on p.41

There’s also a GM Reference book and Clippy and a Player Quicksheet on the wiki.

All the pdf’s are free, as are the above described apps for G+

I have my character sheet and other relevant information on a shared google doc. As for scripting, I just trust that Valannor isn’t cheating me and he does the same. Works out pretty well for us so far. However if you feel like cheating /honesty is going to be an issue. You could always have both parties type out their actions for volley one then countdown from three and have them press enter at the same time.

You can also send them to a player not involved in the conflict.