Playing with my daughter,ideal 3 mouse group?

As Title,im buying MG next week as both my wife and daughter[7] fell in love with the artwork,[and me! :)], now as a first time game I d like them too be a ble too do their own chars,i,ll play one on a nd off so,whats a good 1st mission 3 mouse group? for:-
Me :gm pc,
Wife:not played rpg before
Daughter: 7 and I want her ,if not too have a lead in the party,have a lot too do to be involved?

Obviously This all is a bit vauge,so any suggestions would be helpful.Im really hoping that the shop im going too has some MG books for sale,but I really dont see them listed.:frowning: [Orcs nest ,london]

If anyone kinows of a london shop that has both ,please tell me! :smiley:

All help appreciated!

Hi Basidhe,

I recommend that you use one of the scenarios and its attendant characters that are provided in the book.

Seven years old is a little young for the game, but I think if you’re patient with your daughter, she’ll get the game just fine. You’re just going to have to do all the reading and explaining.


Im fairly sure she,ll get it better than me TBH! :),but I,ll take your sample char idea,maybe just let her pick a new name,fur colour etc :slight_smile: