Point, Take Action. independent or Open tests?

Ok, so I’m a little confused about how these tests work when they are independent. The Infection and Duel of Wits sheets say that both Point and Take Action have independent Obstacles of 1, and that successes over the Ob are subtracted from the opponent’s disposition.

I take that to read that the first success is eaten up by the obstacle with no effect. If I roll 4 successes on my Point, I take three off the other guy’s Body of Argument.

Ok, but in the rule book, (452 for Point, 425 for Take Action), it says that in an Independent Test, all success are subtracted from the enemy disposition. So rolling 4 successes would take 4 points of Disposition off.

I’m inclined to say that the book trumps the sheets, but I’m worried I may be reading the rules wrong. Which interpretation is correct?

Book’s right, sheet is wrong.