Post-game Questions

Hello again! Just got through our Summer Session and had a blast! Mouse Patrol staking out and reconnoitering a secret Weasel camp near Copperwood. They got into a lot of trouble but managed to barely escape with detailed information! Some rules questins did crop up, so a little help would be greatly appreciated!

  1. When Abilities are reduced due to Injury and a player Taps Nature, is the full Nature added or the reduced (Injury-penalized) Nature added?

  2. It states under advancement rules that if a character’s skill or ability is depleted (not sure what that means) or reduced due to Injury or Sick conditions, his advancements are wiped, and he starts with a clean slate. Wow! Seriously? So all the accumulated successes and failures accrued toward levelling up just disappears?? Seems harsh. Not sure I understood this correctly … and I have no idea how a skill can get depleted (I think it might have to do with permanent Injuries that are not healed properly?)

  3. We know Conditions have to be recovered from in a particular order. Is this also the case when a PC Healer uses a check to Heal a fellow Guardmouse even though there are other Conditions ahead of healing that need to be taken care of? We played it that the Healer had no chance of success as long as his patient was Tired and Angry. Is that correct?

  4. Can a Healer use his skill in the GM Turn on his own volition (ie. NOT part of the GM created obstacles)? To heal NPCs (one of our PC’s Goals was to help the Copperwood miners and came across some injured NPCs)? PCs? Does it cost two checks?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Garcia,
Glad you had fun with the game.

  1. Reduced.
  2. If your Resources is taxed or if your skill or stat is reduced by one because you failed to recover from an injury and a healer failed to heal you, you reduce the rank by one and you lose advancements. If we didn’t clear out advancements, you’d have cases where the ability would be reduced and then automatically advance again.
  3. No, healing isn’t recovery. Recovery is internal. Healing is external.
  4. Nope. In the GM’s Turn, only the GM’s obstacles can be tackled. There’s no time for anything else. Unless you spend checks, of course!