Posting Stuff to the Wiki, take 2

There was a weird forum error and it just posted a blank thread… so I will take a shot at this again…

I am getting the materials for my game together and want to participate in the community by posting it to the wiki. The whole 9 yards here, all the characters, the world description. You name it.

I had assumed the wiki just used standard HTML for editing and posting, but I started to look into it, that seems not to be the case. So does anyone have tips for posting to the wiki. When I tried to put a link for my world on the main World’s page, I can’t seem to get the link into the alphabetical list like the others. I have realized this is a bit more than I know how to do.

Any good resources for learning? I looked at the help page and it seems to be intended for people who know a bit more than I do. I am starting at the top by modifying the front page, but should I be starting the other way around? I am new to doing more than just reading a wiki and I don’t want to futz things up.

I’ve been exactly in the same boat–in fact, I may be pulling the oar a few benches in front of you.
But here’s how you can get started.

  1. Log-in to the wiki.
  2. Go to the Campaign Templates page and click the ‘Edit’ tab
  3. Highlight and Copy the Campaign Templates page.
  4. Close the Campaign Templates page (Cancel works fine)
  5. Open your ‘User’ Page (by clicking on your name at the top of the screen)
  6. Edit your user page
  7. Type into your user page the following: [[campaign name]]
  8. Save your user page. On your user page, you will see highlighted in red your campaign name.
  9. Click on the red highlighted campaign name. Your campaign name page will open up.
  10. ‘Paste’ the campaign template text into your campaign name page. Edit to taste. Ensure [[Category:Campaigns]] remains at the bottom of your campaign page. This is the command that links your campaign page to the campaign listing. Save.

That should do it. The hurdle for me has been figuring out how to create a new page. Regarding learning about editing, I’ve found that I can figure out enough to get by, by opening up other pages with the edit tab, looking at their formatting, and reproducing it on my pages.


If this is for a Burning Empires campaign, the process is similar. The difference is:
10. ‘Paste’ the campaign template text into your campaign name page. Edit to taste. Ensure [[Category:Infection]] remains at the bottom of your campaign page. This is the command that links your campaign page to the campaign listing. Save.


The burning Wheel wiki’s are mediawiki the same one used on wikipedia. Here is da help pages.

I have managed to get my basic pages set up, but I am running into issues with my world template page. It just says “World Template” at the top…how do I change that to the world’s name, in this case “Harmony”?

It sounds like you’ve created the Harmony page on the World Template page, rather than creating a new page ‘Harmony’ and then importing (copy and paste) the World Template to the Harmony page. It’s a relatively easy fix…done. It should work fine now.
FYI: I created a new page, ‘Harmony’ and then copied the Harmony information from the ‘World template’ page to the new Harmony page. I then edited the World Template page to remove Harmony specific information…although I don’t know what the World Template page looked like at start.
As a reminder, you create new pages by going to your user page (by clicking on your name), editing your user page to add [[new page name]] (This is, the name of your new page enclosed in two brackets.) Then save. As the user page edit box closes, the new page will appear in red text. Click on the red text, and edit!

I’m looking forward to reading more about Harmony!


As a follow-up, this is the same process to follow for creating character pages. Create the new character pages on your user page.
[[First Citizen Yamo Hitach]]
[[Archcotar Jarvis Barlow]]

Then, open up the Character Template page for editing. Copy the character template, then paste the character template onto the new character pages. Don’t actually edit the Character Template page.


Thanks for the help. The world template was actually blank when I accessed it. No idea why. I copied information from someone else’s page.

Another wiki questions here… I looked in the help and couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I am trying to get the image on this page Yamo Hitachi that is contained in the link to display to the right of the text about the character. Is there any way to do that with an external image in the wiki?

This should do it.

{| align=“right”

This will only work if eternal images are enabled. Everything you ever wanted to know about mediawiki and Images. That mostly cover uploaded Images.

[QUOTE=zipht;49392]This will only work if eternal images are enabled. /QUOTE]

I don’t believe it is… or at least I don’t have access to do so.