Pray at the Shrine

No Ob or factors are given for the Theologian Test to offer the correct prayer. Was this an oversight or is the expectation that the GM rectally scry the factors/Ob?

EDIT: This is in the “Town” chapter, if that wasn’t clear.

See Theologian in Ability & Skill Factors​ on page 143.

In the Theologian factors entry, there’s the following:
Entity (start counting at 2): lesser spirit, greater spirit,
Immortal Lord
The shrine should be to an immortal lord… that’s three.

It’s what I’d use, assuming that it was of the cleric’s religion. Add one for a benign, two for a malign, and 3 for an indifferent immortal’s cult.

For some reason these Factors are really throwing me. But then I always found Circles Ob the hardest to cipher out, too.


Technically it’s Ob 4 because you start counting at 2.

Here’s how I would break it down:

[li]Is it a shrine to a Young Lord or Young Lords that has been established as a particular patron for the character making the test? Go with the Doctrine factors. The prayer is likely common doctrine, but it might be obscure doctrine if we’re talking about an unusual or uncommon cult.[/li][li]Is it a shrine to the Immortal Lords (i.e., The Lords of Battle, The Lords of Valor, The Lords of Plenty, etc.)? Go with the Doctrine factors. It’s likely common doctrine.[/li][li]Is it a shrine to a benevolent spirit or saint? Use the Entity factors. Ob 2 or Ob 3 (depending on how powerful the spirit/saint is).[/li][li]Is it a shrine to a Young Lord? There are so many, it’s hard to keep track! Use the Entity factors. Ob 4.[/li][/ul]