Praying at the Shrine

Under town sessions, it says you can make a Theologian test to find the proper prayers for praying at the shrine (+1D). What is the Ob for that test? We can’t find it.

My feeling is that it would be a Ritualist test and doing the above insulates you from twists for not adhering to local customs surrounding the ritual you are performing.

Its got rules for the prayer itself. It’s just a 2D6 roll with a +1D bonus for a successful Theologian test to determine the proper prayer. (And a +1D for sacrificing an appropriate item). I just need to know the Ob for the Theologian test.

See Theolgian​, page 143.

So you use the Doctrine scale?

Yup. Factor based on the immortal(s) the shrine is dedicated to.

Got it. Thanks.