Properly ending the GM's Turn - a clarification


Are you required to end the GM’s Turn after you set two of the 4 “magic formula” obstacles or could you end it after one?

For instance: The mice face an animal obstacle as a conflict (a fight), then, after beating it, arrive at their destination (a settlement)… The GM has the option of ending the GM’s Turn, even if the mission’s not over; righty right right?

Just confirming stuff. Thanks!


Can you guess what I’m going to do? I’ll bet you can’t. I’ll bet that you’ll never guess that I’m going to point out a section in the rule book.

And what could that section be? You’ll never guess.

It certainly couldn’t be called “Ending the GM’s Turn” on pages 71 and 72.

I guess I’ll have to explain every detail in my messages up front (my bad):
I read (& re-read & re-re-read) that section too, Luke, but alas, as I’m human, I err & oftentime miss/mess stuff. I thought that ending the GM’s turn after one obstacle sounded fishy. But I guess it ain’t.

As stated in the message I’m JUST CONFIRMING STUFF if I ran the game according to the scheme, 'cos sometimes I make awful mistakes I don’t want to repeat.

Your snarky comments aren’t cool.


You could end it after 1-4 of them. Or 8 of them…

Missing from there is option 4 or 5: the patrol abandons its mission (a presumed failure) or fails to accomplish the mission in an irretrievable manner (All dead or near-dead, forex)…

I’ll point out that it’s all about how YOU have paced things with your players. If you had 1 of the magic four, and it took 2 hours, and you can fit in a quick player turn, and it won’t break stride, go ahead. If it’s been 30 minutes and 4 obstacles, proabably you shouldn’t (and you might think about pushing for more “purple prose” about how they are doing stuff…).

(and yes, I had a single conflict, due to bad rolls, and worse scripting, last over an hour… exchange after exchange of not hurting each other… every attack was met by a defense…)

Thanks Aramis, that’s the kind of answer I was hoping for. & that was almost what happened. A very long conflict with an animal (because we were checking the conflict system for the first time), which dragged on & on - it was tiring (to the players as well as their mice!) but it was very cool RPGing.

Thanks again!

Aw. Don’t take my response so harshly. We have a routine, you and I. You ask a question and I point out a page in the book that answers the question. I was just playing around with our format.

You’re wrong. The ‘routine’ is this:

I ask a question, you’re a prick.


Khas decides to make his first post a suck up to the designer to ingratiate himself.

Well, for what it’s worth, Luke, I for one am glad that you add page references to so many of the questions in the forums, so that those of us in the “Studio Audience”, especially newbs like me, can read the rule/post in context.

Truth be told, I like it even more when you give your insight into the finer details and explain in more depth, but either way, the info is appreciated.

Seriously man, you should win an award for how helpful you are or something.

I know. I was blown away when I saw that the game desighner replied to almost every question about the game on a forum. It made me think “this guy really believes in his games and wants them to work for everybody.” After reading his posts, I realized he knew what he was doing when he wrote the book and that I had better just trust the rules. Thanks Luke, for answering questions. And the page numbers are most useful as well. I hate it when people give answers without the page number to go with it.

And don’t worry about Luke’s sarcasm Gugudada, he didn’t mean anything by it. That’s just Luke.

He has, or was a runner up. I believe it was an Origins Award, or maybe an Ennie? It was for Best Support, anyway. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, don’t dogpile on G here.