Psi Jammer

Schaudenfreud is a High Index world.

The (wealthy) Valen figure of note has a (high index) fleet of ships protected by a Psi cloak.

Can such a device be burnt up so that it is impossible to use psionics within it? What limits on range would such a device have? Can it prevent previously established contacts from powering through the field?

What sort of technology, if any, would be required to jam the jammer?

The problem I have with this is…

If he can construct such a device to cloak his (enormous) fleet and prevent/negate contact without any roll, he can extend that same device over the planet or system for (roughly) the same number of points.

Is the GM required to present the Tech stats of such a device to the players?

(That said… I’m going to encourage the Forged Lord to blow the hell out of it in a Firefight, on the grounds that he has a device which inhibits his Psi Corps.)

Why don’t you burn up the device using the Tech Burner? Or are you asking because you’re a player and you’re mad at your GM for creating this piece of tech?

On a point of order, as far as I know, it’s not possible to create tech that completely kills an ability. But I could be wrong.


I’m a player, and I still haven’t seen it burnt up so I have no notion of how to burn the trace buster-buster-buster.

Do you have the book? You could just try to create one yourself and see if it works. Or why not ask your GM to see the tech?

I do have a book, but I have no idea how he is blocking a pre-existing Contact… so I have no notion of how to un-block one.

I have asked him, previously, and he is a reader of this board… I imagine it will get sorted out, but I was mostly posting to ask if you felt such a thing was possible.

You seem to have indicated, in your initial reply, that you do not believe so.

I thought of a better solution that doesn’t involve jamming. We’ll correct/retcon it next session.

My problem was how to keep Psychology from blowing the gaff during the Infection phase when you tagged along in the Cotar Fomas’s mind. My response was a knee-jerk “just block the ability” since I hadn’t thought it out before that moment. My new solution will totally allow you to scan as much as you want and give the Vaylen the cover he needs.


I could totally see Tech creating Hindrance (+Ob) for actions, it would by high tech of course.

Just be careful of using GM fiat like that, that is what the resources stat is for. And if the players have outsmarted you. thats okay! After all you did not have to allow them into the Mind of the Formos. Now that he has their die though, you should never give it back.

PS I appreciate the new forum, it even has spell check, but really… I swear that okay is a word!

You could TOTALLY create a psi field device that forces the Psychologist to test Psych vs an Obstacle (or vs Psych automation!) to stay connected.