Putting some BE Scene Framing into BWG?

So, I have not picked up Gold yet, I will soon, so I am not certain if there is anything new in there pertaining to this. I also imagine that this has been mentioned before, but I can not find it.

Our group loves the “Scene Framing” from Burning Empires. And are thinking of implementing the same mechanic into BW.

Any thoughts?

How… would it work? As I understand it, the scene economy forces you to make choices about what you spotlight in each maneuver. Without maneuvers, that pressure goes away.

I think ‘lift the needle’ pacing works really well in Urban and Intrigue games, and not as easily in Rural and Quest games, at least not when the GM holds so many of the cards in terms of the world definition. It’s harder for players to initiate meaningful conflicts, for example, when they’re on an arduous journey to a destination they’ve never been to before (so they don’t know what awaits them).

I think the idea has merit, the same way a pedometer takes useful measurements you can use to change your life. “Wow, we’ve just had 5 interstitial scenes in a row… that’s not right.”

Well, the game we are running will be mostly based in one city and deal with the politics of two kingdoms, with spies and the like…
Actually, this is perfect