Question about lifepath skills

I have 2 similar scenarios where I came into an unclear rules issue regarding skills.

A character takes a lifepath that contains skills that he has all the skills for already taken. (first skill in other lifepaths)

A character takes a lifepath a second time and already has all the skills already. Similar to above but arrived to in a slightly different way.

Rules for Traits are clearly described for these situations but not for skills. Should skills be treated in the same way where you would subtract 1 skill point from the total? And would that apply to both cases?


  1. So you’re saying he takes a LP, and all the skills on that path were required skills on previous ones? Then he just gets the skill points.

  2. Again, just take the skill points.

Do not reduce the skill points like with traits.

My rule of thumb when burning up my own characters is that I pump at least as many skill points into the skill as the number of times it appears in the lifepaths I’ve picked.

Also, you should only be subtracting trait points if the LP is taken twice and only has one trait or no traits on the list. Trait overlap from previous LPs doesn’t matter.

Understood and well put. Thank you. o7