Question on Get a Job!

I’m running a city campaign where almost all the players have jobs they do when they aren’t doing thievery and plotting, so I was wondering if that would count enough towards Get a Job! That at the end of a cycle, if nothing has taken away a lot of time to work, that they would choir a skill and roll or if Get a Job has to be a fade to black and pick up a cycle later.

If you want these jobs to have weight, I recommend granting an advantage die to the lifestyle roll, or a linked test; perhaps a skill test for a cash die or two. Get a Job is only for regaining taxed resources; you’re exchanging tax for enforced downtime after you have failed a lifestyle roll, or otherwise accumulated too much tax.

I don’t have the rules handy, but I think Get a Job is supposed to eat up any and all available time for the length of an entire resource cycle, meaning no adventures, no thievery, no plotting. And then you roll the next lifestyle test. It’s a trap. Keep adventuring.

Ok, that’s what I expected. Thanks for the tips on how to make the jobs matter.

It could also be colored as practice/training. Work at a forge? Maybe you could log some blacksmith tests. Or Power.

That’s what we do!

Ok, thanks everyone