Question regarding Astral Knights

Hey there, I was taking a look at Astral Knights and reading through them and I came across this paragraph on page seven.

You may learn one additional discipline from the “any” category or your chosen Path each time you gain a level. Disciplines aligned with Light or Darkness must be learned from a Mentor–other disciplines may be self-taught. The Scholar obstacle to learn a discipline is equal to its circle. Those on the Narrow Path may learn any discipline.

Does an Astral Knight learn a discipline automatically when they level up, or does leveling up only increase the number of disciplines that they -can- learn? The part that confuses me is the part in bold, and how it interacts with the rest of the paragraph.

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Astral Knights must be taught Light/Dark disciplines by a mentor with that discipline. Otherwise they can learn Path-less disciplines on their own by making the aforementioned Scholar test.

An Astral Knight’s level dictates how many disciplines they can learn. So they could be level 9 but if they never trained and never made those tests, they’d only have their starting disciplines.


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