Questions about Fight and Recovery

So my group had our first fight recently and a few questions came up.

After positioning with a spell does taking an action which is not casting (like an avoid) before starting to cast the spell cede the advantage?

Does casting a different spell than the one you positioned with count as changing a weapon?

Does a Player cede advantage when a spell is released?

Once a Player releases a spell do they revert their advantage/disadvantage to hands (or whatever they happen to be holding)?

Lastly in the Staunching the Flow Chart the Surgery Column reads Midi 2 Severe 3 Traumatic 3 Mortal 5, is that a misprint (basically should the Traumatic Ob be 4?)

Many thanks.

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Use what’s in the book.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the answers. I actually have a few more questions I forgot to ask:

When adding shield dice to a test (like block or counterstrike) do the shield dice take on the shade of the weapon skill?

When opening a weapon skill does the increase to Agility Ob from Armor Clumsy weight get added in?

again many thanks.

  1. They should, yes.
  2. You’re testing Spear using Beginner’s Luck. Calculate Ob penalties as for the Spear skill.

Devin, how does the Dwarven shield work then? We’ve always played with independently shaded shields.

Hm. Balance dice from weapons take the shade of the skill, no? But I suppose that’s advantage. I stand corrected.