Questions about Nature and helping

I’m just trying to clear up some things:

One can use Nature (Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Elf) when…
[li]you don’t have the appropriate skill
[/li][li]you pay persona to tap it and add it’s current dice
[/li][li]in a disposition roll if a descriptor applies
[/li][li]to help another character’s instinct roll if a descriptor applies
[/li][li]if the action a character is doing is not covered by any skill and IS covered by a descriptor

I’m assuming that those are the ONLY times one can use their Nature scores. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not looking for guesses, only the official rules as written, if possible.

My other stumbling block is helping. One can only help if (assuming of course that the player making the test accepts the help, takes the helping die, and the helper describes how their character is helping)…
[li]it’s an out of conflict test where the helper has the same ability or skill or the book-listed helping skill or one of the GM’s choosing
[/li][li]it’s a disposition roll and the helper has exactly the required skill or ability
[/li][li]it’s a within-conflict test and the helper has exactly the ability or skill required

I’m also assuming here, that Nature descriptors cannot help for conflicts, either disposition or tests. And I’m not counting wises. They seem fairly straight forward.

Also, now that I think about it, I think Nature can only help with Nature rolls or instinct rolls and that’s it.

Am I wrong? Do I have it? Am I missing anything?

This is mainly so that I can keep a game of 6 players rolling along without too many questions of who can help who with what.


p26 - If you lack the skill, you may roll with Nature (full dice). If acting against your nature you may be taxed.

p68 - If your Nature applies to a conflict, you may roll it in place of the listed raw ability to generate disposition.

p110 - Spend a persona point to +D equal to your current Nature rating (except Resources or Circles tests). Your Nature may be taxed if test outside Nature.

p66 - Describe how your character is helping. If the GM says you have an appropriate skill or ability, give +1D to your teammate’s roll. If you’re helping a beginner, you may also help with Nature, Will or Health. Spend a Check to record a pass/fail for the Skill or Ability you helped with.

p133 - Describe how your Nature helps. Give +1D if test is associated with your Nature descriptors.

p66 - You can help on an Instinct test if you have a similar Instinct or Nature descriptor that applies.

See my Player and GM checklist before and after roll for other handy reminders.

That checklist is awesome.

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Thanks all! This is helping.

The thing I’m still murky about is how Nature and helping can be used in conflicts specifically.

I think you have it. The relevant sections are these.

Nature in a conflict:

Helping in a conflict:

The helping rules for Nature don’t change in conflicts. Nature can help a test if the descriptor applies.

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