Questions about weapons.

I would assume these questions have answers elsewhere but I haven’t been able to find them, so please indulge me. I’m currently running my own mods to address these issues, but I’d like to know if there are any official(ish) rules already in place.

  1. Dual wielding? Is it allowed and, if so, what are the rules surrounding it? Specifically, are their penalties for doing so and how do weapon bonus’ interact with one another? For example, does a mouse with a sword in each hand get a +2D to any action or is he able to split his additional dice between two actions?

  2. Are axes one-pawed weapons or two? On page 18 of the New Rules book, the Black Axe has double the bonus and penalty of a standard axe. Is this reflecting the Black Axe being the size of a great axe as opposed to other axes that are of the one-pawed variety, or is it reflecting all axes being large in size but the Black Axe, being all metal and having a slightly longer handle, having greater heft and leverage?

  3. This is the silliest and most embarrassing question of the lot because some one is probably going to point out something I just glossed over but here goes. Other than RP purposes, what the benefit of picking/using your weapon of choice? The rule book has information on weapons and the need to choose one on pages 35, 117, 312 but it doesn’t give the benefits of doing so.

Thanks for your help.

  1. I can’t imagine it’s in the book anywhere. I’d just give the mouse the same bonus as they get with one weapon, but tell them they look twice as cool.
  1. You can only use one weapon at a time. You can switch weapons when you’re choosing new actions.

  2. Two-handed.

  3. I don’t understand the question. Each weapon comes with its own benefits.

Weapon of Choice
Life on the road is dangerous. Mice are prey to many animals. And, they aren’t natural fighters- they aren’t equipped with the muscles, claws and fangs, of a predator. Thus, your weapon is one piece of vital gear. There are 10 weapons common to the Guard: shield, knife, sword, axe, staff, hook and line, spear, halberd, sling and bow. You get to pick one for your mouse!
Sadie’s weapon of choice is her well-balanced knives.

That seems to imply a proficiency based system, but that is wrong? Any mouse can use any weapon with equal deftness, the only difference being the benefits attributed to each weapon?

In the comic, each mouse has an iconic weapon.
There’s no need to be a gun-bunny in this game; your weapon choice is more about character than anything else.

Cool. Thanks for the help.