Questions about Workshops

My wife and I are both trying to play the Burning Wheel together for the first time. Her character is a sculptor, who is trying to rise to power in her city. When spending her resource points, she was thinking about getting a workshop. However, Sculpture requires tools instead of a workshop, so we weren’t clear if the workshop would include a toolkit for Sculpture. We also weren’t clear if the workshop included living space as well as the work-space. Finally, it wasn’t clear to me if one needed to by a separate toolkit for each skill that required it, or if the skill toolkit resource included toolkits for all your skills.

Hi there and welcome!

A workshop includes the tools required, so she would be all set.

Whether a workshop includes living space or not is up to the conventions of your setting. If you feel it does, then it does. If you feel it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.

You need to buy a skill toolkit separately for each skill that requires it. Sometimes you will start with skills for which you don’t have the proper tools. You can acquire them in play.

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