Questions for DoW.

I’m familiar with Revised, and it seems I’m uncertain because of it.

  1. Is it now possible to, or even the meaning that, one should differ in one’s use as “primary duelling skill” - i.e. the one that takes out dice from your opponent’s BoA (point, rebuttal, dismiss?)

  2. writing the question made me come to a conclusion :slight_smile:

  3. Is it acceptable to change behaviour (for getting tests for different skills) as long as it’s “in character” (i.e. believable for both the character and within the story)

example: First I try to Persuade my friend, then I sweet-talk him (Soothing Platitudes). Third I use Ugly Truth to get my point across. I’ll off course avoid Intimidation and Oratory, since he’s my friend, but I might slip in a white lie or two (as FoRKs).

I realize this is part of my first question, but it might be that I needed to spell it out.

  1. Can a helper ‘borrow’ a volley, if not part of a designated team? (I.e the one who’s playing both sides and getting sweet-tests and gratitude&resentment.) I we’d go with the flow of the table, but does it violate someting I don’t see?
  1. There is no such thing as a “primary dueling skill” in Gold. You use what you use for your Body of Argument, then each action tests one of the listed skills. The old “primary dueling skills” are listed skills for many of the same actions, but the category no longer exists.
  2. You may test any skill for any action so long as it meets two conditions: First, it must be one of the listed skills for that action. Second, it must be appropriate to the words you say.
  3. Hell no! What, you’re just going to wander into the argument, make a few points, and wander out? No way! Throw your helping dice like everybody else.

Umm…Not only acceptable, but AWESOME!

Thanks guys! I completely forgot that partakers in DoWs are bound to the agreement. Strange, since I “recently” experienced the joy of beeing non-bound. :slight_smile: