Quick clarification on taxing/tapping nature

Just a quick clarification on taxing Nature when tapping it, as the rulebook states it, it seems to be as follows:
[li]Within Nature, successful: no tax
[/li][li]Within Nature, failed: taxed by margin of failure
[/li][li]Against Nature, successful: taxed by 1
[/li][li]Against Nature, failed: taxed by margin or failure

The “Tapping Nature:” notes on the character sheet (“If outside of your Nature, the ability is taxed by 1. If the roll is failed, Nature is taxed by margin of failure.”) could be interpreted as a failed roll against your Nature taxes Nature by margin of failure +1. Given it’s a little ambiguous, I’d be inclined to go according to the rulebook, and say the char sheet is not clearly worded, but I have heard other people using the margin +1 tax.

Anyone care to set me straight on this?

See “Tapping nature” on p. 37

In general, the book take precedence over the character sheet.

Yeah, I’d assumed the book took precedence, but figured I’d check given I’ve seen it done “incorrectly”. Thanks for the prompt response :slight_smile: