Quick n' Dirty: Assassin

Use the thief as a base class.
Skills: Fighter 4, Scout 3, Alchemist 2, Armorer 2, Criminal 2

Trait: Cold-Hearted. You feel no remorse, no pity. You only see the prize. This single-mindedness drives you to accomplish your goals but can get in the way; you’re so stuck on the details you often miss the big picture. And forget about human contact…even the sheep can smell the wolves.

Armor/weapons: May wear leather armor, may wield any weapon. Start play with a dagger and no armor.
Alignment: May not be lawful.
Suggested wise: Shadow-wise or poison-wise.

Eh, after thinking about it I’d downgrade to just thief-appropriate weapons.

Love that trait. “Even the sheep can smell the wolves.”

What about advancement? As the Thief as well? How about this for one of the higher level advancements.

I Am the Night

After years in the profession Assassins have adapted to working under the shroud of darkness. When calculating factors for light, the Assassin may be considered to be in one brighter category of light (ie Total Darkness is Dim Light, Dim Light is normal lighting conditions).

Thief is under wraps for now.

These quick n’ dirty character classes are intended to be alternate builds of existing classes, so I haven’t specced out any level benefits. Your idea is good but I’d modify it a bit: As long as someone in the room is in dim light, the assassin is in dim light. Which means he can operate by the light of another’s candle (ie: his victim’s). A higher-level ability would be that the assassin is not helpless in total darkness; just count it an additional factor to tests (meaning he suffers -2s when in darkness).

Right, but if you backed the Kickstarter you have the full Thief rules. I think your suggestions are good. Ignoring one of the most common factors is probably a little too powerful. Of the two mods, I like the higher level ability better. The other one could be a lower level benefit as well.

I have a human ranger I’ve been tinkering with and he has an “ignore dim light factor” benefit but he’s gotta be above ground and in starlight/moonlight.

That’s great. One of the things I like about this game so much is how easy it is to build/add onto. It’d be cool if we got some stickied topic for the “unofficial” advanced players guide that compiles all of these classes.