Quick question about Nature

I read and understand the nature rule(s) when to use and how etc. I understand to tax them in failures and how to reduce them…But on page 235 it says “If nature advances to 7 and remains at 7 at the end of the session…”

I didn’t see in any of the nature section HOW to advance it.

I know how to recover Nature back to the original maximum, but I don’t get what to do to raise the nature up to 7.

Anyone that can explain or point me where to look would be most helpful

Thank you

Nature is advanced like all other stats and skills.

It doesn’t really obey any special rules for advancement, except for the prologue, “Nicely recapped - regain a taxed Nature point” element and the option to cut your Nature tax losses by opting for a reduced, permanent Nature. (Say you’re taxed from 4 to 2. You can opt to have your Nature set to 3 (eliminate tax but lose a point) and it would advance as per normal from there.)

But if it is taxed and you do prolouge it says it is restored by one. Does that mean if you do the prolouge without a taxed penalty it raises?

So if my nature is 5 and i was taxed 2 which makes it is 3/5 I can do the prologue and get to 4/5 before the next session with the option to next time get to 5/5. Or I can take the perma loss and go from 3/5 to 4/4 and have my max set to 4. Soooo

prologue and winter can only get me back to my default 5…How do you go from your default 5 (or starting nature) and raise it to 6 or 7?

The books just says, “if you have advanced to 7…” but I don’t see any instructions on how to “advance” nature at all.

maybe it is my understanding of advancement of other skills I am shaky on. I will read up on those next

Thanks Rafe

nature advances just like any attribute/skill: successes equal to current level and failures equal to (current level)-1 earns a +1.

Doing a prologue when nature is full gets you an experience tic in the place of your choice.

excactly, nature advances normally and if you are full nature and get to do the proluge then you either gat a pass or fail test where you want it, or is it only in nature, THATS my question, i believe its wherever right?

i checked “the mission” and went to prolouge and it only said that you recover a point of tax or recover from a condition. didnt say a thing about the adding of a passed or failed test

Nature advances like anything else. If you have a Nature of 5, you need five successful Nature tests and four failed Nature tests and it will advance to Nature 6.

Only your permanent Nature matters for advancement.

To be clear, you get those tests for advancement when you’re rolling Nature instead of another ability as described on pp. 232-233.