R&C Free Shots and a Steel question

Since I’ve already got the dunce cap for the day I’m gonna get these embarrassing questions out of the way too.

  1. One person can never make more than 1 shot per volley in R&C (p.409) right? Free Shots aren’t extra shots or anything like that, just shots you don’t have to pay for? Yes I’m reading p.416, Free Shots.

  2. Do Steel tests still work the same in Gold? Even if its used for Charge for example, you still have to beat your hesitation as well right, not just your opponent? The description under Charge is making me think maybe not. Or does it all fit together to mean that you can win the Charge versus and close one range, but if you didn’t beat your hesitation you still Hesitate for the next volley?

I know, I know…

  1. That is incorrect. You may shoot twice in a volley if you spend an action to shoot and have a free shot.

  2. Steel-based actions work as written. Clear your mind of edition baggage.

Thanks Luke. Love the change to steel based maneuvers!