R&C: team with one weapon; and leniency with Stealthy

Two questions.

  1. If you have a team in which only one of them has a weapon, can one of the unarmed make the positioning test but the roll get the dice for the weapon?

  2. This is sort of a how do you guys do it question. Do you sometimes not allow stealthy maneuvers if it seems that the terrain simply isn’t appropriate for them, I.e. Wide open fields of snow? Or do you just use the mechanics and if the stealthy succeeds you simply describe why it succeeded even though it seemed unlikely beforehand (I.e. There actually IS a clump of weeds over there and a swag right here). Since all of the maneuvers imply a level of abstracting terrain features for maneuvering I’m inclined to let the mechanics and the successful maneuver determine if what’s there and what’s not. Thoughts?

  1. No.

  2. Usually the latter. If the terrain is hopelessly unsuited to a maneuver, give a disadvantage. Obstacle penalties are love in Burning Wheel.

Awesome, thanks Luke.