r13 Fight Action sheets dark cells' unreadable?

I was just happily printing up a bunch of BWG sheets to use as necessary in the Burning Wheel game I hope to start this Tuesday.

But I noticed the Fight action-interaction sheets’ alternate-row darkened backgrounds are much, much darker than their predecessors’.

Dark enough I can’t actually read what the action is on the printout. I can on my PDF reader, if I squint a little.

I’m still futzing with my printer and reader to see if I can lighten things up, but I wanted to check if anyone else has had this problem, and if so, how they got around it.

The problem appears localized to Nitro Reader 3. First time I’ve had any problems with it.

So, does anyone have a good recommendation for other free non-Adobe PDF readers? :wink:

I’ve found Foxit to be very sufficient.