Raiment question

I’m going to be playing a Barbarian whose Raiment is a polar bear fur cloak. Does that count as a cloak for recovering from Exhausted? Or do I still need a cloak in my inventory?

The only raiment with in-game use I’ve seen is the option for throwing knives disguised as a raiment. I’ve always read them as a flavor option instead of a way to get in some extra equipment.

If it’s a cloak that helps with tests, it’s gotta go in a slot. You might be able to use it as supplies for one test, ie: you get the die bonus for your Health test but then the cloak is ruined. In most cases, raiment has no lasting mechanical benefit unless otherwise stated in the rules (ie: the rules for throwing blades or the Assassin’s Deadly Tools level benefit in my Sagas supplement).

Good enough. No big deal. Still keeping it as the raiment.