Range and cover and helping

Hi I have a question concerning helping dice in range and cover maneuver rolls.

The way we’ve usually run things are that one person makes the maneuver roll and other players with applicable skills help. However I’m reading the skills section and I find “Formation fighting” which allows “characters in formation may help each other with steel-based maneuvers” and “skirmish tactics” which allows “a fighter with the training to help another fighter with the training on his team. you can help with maneuver rolls in Range and Cover. Up to five skirmishers may help one another”.

To me the existence of training skill that allow helping on maneuver rolls imply that you usually can’t do this or those skills don’t do anything. Of cause if that’s the rule that means that one person with stealth/tactics/observation is essentially just as good at maneuvers as a whole team of trained individuals as long as the team doesn’t have formation/skirmish training. So how do you guys think the rules are supposed to work here and/or how do you do group based maneuver rolls in your group?

See the Choose Maneuvers section of the Range and Cover chapter (page 404). By default, only one team member may help the character making the maneuver test. Those trainings allow additional characters to help, as long as all of them have that training.

Oh, I missed that. Thanks.

No worries! It’s easy to miss. :slight_smile: