Range and Cover Dragon's Breath

Hi, does anyone know where the stats are for Weapon Ranges and Dice, for Dragon’s Breath are? Are there any other monster Range and Cover stats or is it Optimal Range when monster attacks can go off? Say a Dragon is flying over head, can it only attack when it closes in and is at Optimal range?

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Alright, trying to cross refence the monbu and BWG here, but lets see…

The fire breath SPELL in BWG lists its range dice in R&C as a pistol, while the max range listed in the MonBu for the dragon is about 50 paces, which is more in line with an Arquebus. Both of which are fairly short range for R&C, and either one would likely be fine.

And the dragon COULD breath fire at extreme, it’s just an extra ob to do so, as the dragon has to push itself just a little harder to get at things JUST out of its normal reach.

If it takes to the air and the PCs could not, I’d likely give it some bonus dice to its maneuvering but make it much harder for it to take cover (unless it lands).

Thanks for that, I also found in the Monster Burner Errata: Dragon’s Breath; Count Dragon’s Breath as Natural Effect spell in Range and Cover. 3D to position.
Does that mean 3D for Optimal and Extreme?