Range and Cover positioning without missile weapons

After reading though the range and cover section of the rim of the wheel I think I have a decent understanding of how it works. It took me a while to realize that players and teams dont have a position/range related to other teams but rather, but rather the characters weapons do. Its a little bit of a strange system but whatever. What I dont understand is this scenario.

If a team consists of people with only melee weapons, and they win a maneuver, say in this case sneak in, how do I change position dynamics? There isn’t a position to change. Also, how do I know when to instigate a fight? In the game I am currently GMing there are only two characters with missile weapons.

Also this is the first time I’ve used any type of a forum so if I’m doing something wrong please tell me.

Being in Range and Cover with Melee weapons only is a pretty bad place to be in. Page 410 says (emphasis mine).

Melee or None
Fighters without a missile weapon cannot shoot even if they win a maneuver test, but they can still test to maneuver. They must move into the special too close to shoot range to be effective.

Generally, you are going to be in a pretty bad spot bringing a knife to a bow fight, you are likely going to start at out, you then have to cross to extreme, then to optimal, and THEN to too close to shot to actually get to the point where melee weapons will be effective the whole while your opponent is at optimal, not to mention as per the chart right above that section, you don’t get any range dice.

A much safer bet is, since you start at “out” range, is to do a withdraw action, which, if successful, since you move according to your own range bands gets you out of the fight (although maybe into a chase, depending on how determined your enemy is).