Really Small Items

Does a key take an inventory slot? I suppose it must, since a single candle would take a slot.

Is there any option for items so small they don’t take slots? Just make a note somewhere?

Two empty sacks take a slot.

Don’t confuse modern tapered candles for the kind of candles most medieval (or even renaissance) folk would see - think Altar Candles - 1.5 to 3" diameter, up to 24" long. Actually, an Altar Candle probably takes 2… but 2" diameter, 8"-12" long sounds about right. Awkward to handle Given that a single candle takes a slot, a bundle of Hanukkah taper candles for the menorah probably takes only a single slot (2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=44 candles) given that they’re often 1/2" diameter, and 4-6" long…

Really small stuff can be shown already to take less than a slot, but unless you’ve got multiple such small items, you treat them as a single slot item.

The biggest influence on how I see inventory is the Anti-Hammerspace Item Tracker. It makes the point that simple weight/mass isn’t enough; everything you pack in the inventory is a moving part that has to be accounted for so that it all fits right.

Also, I could definitely see this being a use for the neck slot…

Aramis, my point is more that when my players have a full pack and want to take a key or a gem or a ring I feel weird telling them they’ll have to throw something away.

Carpe, interesting link. What do you think about noting very small items somewhere together with their location? “Key - backpack.” “silver ring - left hand”

Hhm. I think I’m mostly in favor of putting smallish items together in one slot. I’ve faced the ring conundrum too, not totally sure what to do with that.

Rings are worn on the hand. Keys are worn around the neck, held in the hand or in the pouch. Rather than thinking about (modern) small items, imagine that most items are big enough to require a slot. That key isn’t like a house key.

And if something seems like it could be bundled with like objects, by all means do so. Maybe all keys take one slot, but one key still takes one slot.

Lastly, abandon the notion of realism. It’s a game. Making choices about what you pack out is part of the game.

Quite so! I noted that the instant I was asked to choose gear for a starting character! “Wait, whaddya mean I can’t have this and this?”

Not if you want food and light…