Realm Guard: Abilities Used in Conflicts

You’re welcome.
And that’s just the basic patch up way. There are other ways…
Do we need to have a Burning InDesign lesson?

I read through 1.5 last night, and it looks really solid. I’m bringing this on a camping trip next week (along with Mouse Guard). I was actually a couple minutes away from sending 1.5 off to staples to get a couple saddle stitch copies printed - I’m glad I checked the forums before completing my order. :wink:

Out of curiosity, why did you make some of the Natures mostly action oriented (e.g. - Wargs, Spiders, and Great Eagles), while others are mostly - or completely - attitude oriented (e.g. - Dunadan, Elf, and War Troll)?

I don’t think there’s a good answer to your question, Xeno. It goes to my hacking philosophy: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I didn’t want to go with the kinds of situation-based Nature descriptors, but we really really came up against a brick wall… as a group. Seriously. It was nuts. Making Dunadan, Man, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit Natures into gerunds was just an enormous pain in the ass. However… creatures still do things and the things they do are very much based in their Nature. Thus… less intelligible creatures (or low intelligence creatures) have action descriptors and more established sentient races have situational ones.

Okay, uploading v1.6 now. Hold tight!