Realm Guard: Rangers of the North (v1.2)

The old version is still up but get the latest here. This version fixes: Some minor spelling errors, the Nature questions in Recruitment, and the Plated Armor description.

Realm Guard v1.2

This is very cool.

Could you write up a sample patrol and include them in the in PDF? Maybe a sample mission, too?

Can you please change the stroke weights on your denizen tables. If you can’t format them to look like MG, can you just turn them down to .25 pt?

Is it Dunedain Nature or Ranger Nature? I think the former is cooler.

I’d like to play this!

I haven’t looked at this until now. It’s really cool–I want to play it on my next roleplaying fill-in night. The art looks fantastic.

It’s Dúnadan Nature, yeah. Rangers are of the Dúnedain, but all of Númenorean ancestry have those Natures (I think). Open to changing that.

I was thinking about having two sample missions in there, with two sets of three sample characters “tailored” to those missions, a la MG.

I’ll drop those borders down to .25. You’re right: They’re definitely too heavy, especially considering the repetitions.

Actually, Luke (or anyone who’s InDesign savvy)… could you do me a favour? I want to eliminate as many of the unnecessary borders on tables as I can, but they’re a real bitch (for me, anyway). Could you fire me a one-page .indd with one table from your own denizen listing (just one so I have a template). That’d help with how it looks and keep it truer to MG look. Failing that, I’ll drop 'em down to .25.

I’m having that same table borders issue with my attempt at a Realm Guard character sheet. It’s driving me batshit since none of the style preferences are saving.

Well, I have CS 2. You have to style all your tables by hand in CS 2. No style sheets or preferences!

And if it’s Dunadan Nature, make sure it’s consistent throughout. I noticed the sample rangers have “Nature (Ranger).”


Yeah, mine’s CS3. All over the web, when I went looking to try to fix tables, all I heard were complaints and NASA space launch prep-esque explanations for work-arounds.

I’ll do a search and see what I can find re: the Nature inconsistency. Thanks!

edit: Found 'em. I remember why I put those now: space. I didn’t want fat tables. I just removed the “()” and left it as Nature.

(Moved this into its own thread.)

found this recently which just stokes my appetite for Realm Guard at Gencon…enjoy.

That’s pretty cool!

I love this hack

and I am planning on running a campaign using Skype

any takers?

PM me.


I created a Mouse Guard Character Sheet hack, not much difference, but I like to have an “appropriate” character sheet for the games I am playing.

Pick it up here

Thou art mine new god! Well done, Damiller! With this, I’ll create and save the four sample characters to actual character sheets, bundle 'em, upload 'em and people can download those for starter play.

no problem, I appreciate the hack.

You are my new best friend. Thanks so much!

This version changes nature from dunedain to dunedan

Realm Guard CS

Dundedan is singular?

spelling error, me stupid, Rafe pm’d me and said it was dunadan (I think)

I thought I would be nice and respell it, I happened to misspell it, use the one you like.

d :smiley:

Yup, Dúnadan is singular. (Dún = west, adan = man) The Edain were the original Men, I think of the first three Houses.

so can i just transfer my MG charcter to fit this sheet and then i will have a RG character or is transfering MG to RG not acceptable by the GM?

There’s a separate recruitment section at the back of the Realm Guard hack PDF (in my sig). It works like Mouse Guard but there are some changes.